Girl Child Ritual Box: Anointing Oil + Amulet

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Katie Vie at River Island Apothecary and I created this incredible collaboration of Ritual Amulet + Anointing Oil boxes, each containing one of her seven unique perfume oils, created to help you dive deep into different aspects of your sacred self. 
Also nested within each box is a Symbology amulet inspired by the energy and intention of the oil. The amulets are handmade by me in bronze with a black patina. The chain is 18" sterling silver with a black patina as well.

Amulet: When I was very small, I was obsessed with drawing hearts on everything. If you look at my sketchbooks now, not much has changed. Hearts just feel so playful and full of joy. That's why I incorporated little hearts into the Girl Child amulet with River Island Apothecary . This archetype is for bringing new energy and joy into your life. It also has a secret star on the back of the pendant that you can choose to share, or not!

Oil: The aroma is clear and happy, with notes of sunny herbs and flowers, light, and yellow.


  • seeing the wonder of the world
  •  sacred play
  • enlivening your imagination

Anoint: where happiness springs forth, or wherever feels right.

Components: organic jojoba oil, essential oils including Lavender

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