Handmade Silver Tiny Hamsa Ring

Regular price $56.00
who doesn't love the fun of wearing a hand on your finger! I've finally ventured into the world of rings and am having so much fun! Rings feel extra meaningful to me because you get to look at them all day as your own portable piece of art. This hand design celebrates art and creativity.
I cast the hands in silver and fuse them to a hammered silver band for extra texture. The hands measure 3/8" high. The band can be created in any size you like, just let me know if you don't find your size on the options listed.
You can clean the ring with a silver polishing cloth. It helps if you wear your ring all the time, because the oils in your hand will protect the ring.
Each ring comes packages in a lovely box stamped with the Symbology jewelry logo and a little ribbon for easy gift-giving.

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